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Placing soil in the elutriator

Soil is placed in the elutriator, a soil washing machine, To separate nematodes from the soil.

Debris collected on 20 mesh sieves is discarded Cysts are collected on 60 mesh sieves Cysts are collected on 60-mesh sieves. Debris collected on 20-mesh sieves is discarded.

Cysts are resuspended in waterThe cysts are resuspended in water to further separate cysts from heavier soil particles.

Cyst are transferred into coded grinding tubesCysts are transferred into coded grinding tubes.

Cysts are transferred to a grinding apparatus Cysts, which contain the nematode eggs, are transferred to a grinding apparatus. The cyst walls must be broken to count the eggs.

Breaking open the cyst walls Breaking the cyst walls releases the eggs. Cyst wall fragments are collected and removed on a 200-mesh sieve, which allows the eggs to pass through and be caught on the 500-mesh sieve.

Eggs are rinsed into beakersThe contents of the 500-mesh sieve are concentrated at the edge of the sieve and rinsed into a 150 ml beaker.

stain is addedAcid fucshin stain is added to make the eggs easier to see under a microscope.

Heating solution to boiling The samples are heated to boiling.


Updated 3/1/11