Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services

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Soil test results online

Soil test reports for sanples processed through the MU Soil and Plant Laboratory are available here. To obtain recommendations for other crops use recommendations online.

Soil test reports

Soil test reports are available via the Web with a password. Send an email to obtain a password. Reports are also delivered via U.S. mail and email to regional specialists and clients by request. The regional specialists review reports and make additional comments if needed and mail to the clients. The farmer's, firm's and home owner's questions are either answered by the regional agronomy/horticulture specialist or the lab director.

Turnaround time

Once received in the lab the turnaround time for regular fertility tests in soils is two days.

For plant, compost, greenhouse media, manure and water analysis the turn around time is five working days.

Soil test results are then available on the Web. The soil test reports are also printed and mailed.

Plant, compost, greenhouse media, manure and water analysis results are currently only available via U.S. mail, email or fax.

Test reports can be sent via fax at a cost of $1 per sample.

Updated 3/24/11