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Phosphorus (P)  
Potassium (K)  
Calcium (Ca)  
Magnesium (Mg)  
Organic matter (O.M.)   percent
Neutralizable acidity or CEC
(N.A.)   meq/100g   CEC   meq/100g
Sulfur (S)   parts per million
Zinc (Zn)   parts per million
Manganese (Mn)   parts per million
Iron (Fe)   parts per million
Copper (Cu)   parts per million
Boron (B)   parts per million
Electrical conductivity   mmho/cm
Sodium (Na)  
Nitrates (NO3-N)
Top   parts per million
Bottom   parts per million
Top depth   inches
Bottom depth   inches
(yield range in parentheses)
Crop 1  
Yield for crop 1 
Crop 2  
Yield for crop 2 
Crop 3  
Yield for crop 3 
Crop 4  
Yield for crop 4 
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Soil region  
Previous crop  
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