Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services

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Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services

Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory

23 Mumford Hall

The laboratory analyzes soil for nutrient content and fertility status and provides recommendations for economical, environmentally safe, and balanced fertilizer and lime applications to farmers, home owners, vegetable and fruit growers, golf course superintendents, and lawn and landscape specialists.

Special soil tests for nutrient management plans and for addressing environmental issues are also provided.

The lab also analyzes potting mixes for nursery growers. Plant tissue analysis can be requested for field crops, ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and turfs.

Other services include:

  • Compost testing
  • Manure analysis
  • Water testing for domestic, irrigation, poultry and livestock suitability

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

28 Mumford Hall

The laboratory examines plant and invertebrate samples for identification and or plant disease diagnosis. Recommendations are provided for management strategies.

Plant Nematology Laboratory — now SCN Diagnostics

1721 East Campus Loop
Columbia, MO 65211-5315

The laboratory, which used to be affiliated with the Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services, now operates independently. They examine soil and plant samples qualitatively and quantitatively for the presence of plant parasitic nematodes. Recommendations are provided for management strategies.

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